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Q - What are the Unified Auditions?

A - The Unified Auditions are annual professional auditions which allow Equity, qualifying Non-Equity and Emerging artists, 18 years & older, to audition before approximately 50 Atlanta area & regional theatre companies. The Unified Auditions is a program offered by Atlanta Performs, formerly known as ACPA, in support of its membership and the greater Atlanta
 performing arts industry.

Q - When are the Unified Auditions and when will applications be available?

A - The 2015 Unified Auditions will be held on Monday, March 30th and Tuesday, March 31
st during the day. Equity auditions will be scheduled for the first half of Monday with Non-Equity auditions following. Tuesday will be Non-Equity and Emerging Artists.

Applications are available online until February 1st, 2015 (at 11:59pm on Feb 1st  they will go offline). No late applications will be available.

Q - Where do I send my headshots/resumes?

A – If you are invited to attend Unifieds, you will receive specific instructions on submitting your hard copy headshots/resumes

Q - I have questions about how to format my resume for the final headshot/resume submissions. Where can I find a sample resume?

A - The Unified Auditions requires Non-Equity and Emerging actors to format their final submission of resumes so that their full-production, theatrical experience appears first, followed by any other acting experience (including Film/TV), other skills and education. Credits should include name of production, role, theatre company and year of production.

Click here to download Sample Actor Resume 


Q - Where can I find hotel accommodations in Atlanta?

A – Visit the Atlanta Convention & Visitor Bureau website, www.atlanta.net for Atlanta accommodations.

Q - My headshot is not exactly 8x10. Do I need to trim it?

A - For these auditions, we require that all headshots meet the standard 8x10 format.

Q - Is there any problem printing my resume directly on the back of my headshot?

A - It is ideal if you are able to print your resume on the back of your headshot; however, printing on the back of your headshot can pose some problems that you need to be aware of before committing to your final (may be up to 60) headshots.  First, be sure the surface will take ink without smudging even after dry.  The back of some photo papers are too slick to permit permanent printing from ink jet printers. Resumes photocopied or professionally printed onto the back of your headshot produce the best results. If you choose to print at home, run a few tests first. If the ink smudges after you have allowed time for it to dry, you will need to go to plan B (photocopy or print on another sheet of paper that is attached with glue or staples). It is important that your resume not only look professional, but be smudge-free. If the ink smudges, your information is not only lost but companies are not pleased when ink gets on their hands and paperwork.

Q - What does it mean to be an Alternate?

A - Audition slots for eligible Non-Equity and Emerging Artist applicants will be assigned based on experience and training. Once all audition slots are filled, alternates will be selected from the pool of qualified candidates. Alternates are not immediately assigned audition slots, but are chosen to fill slots as they become available by way of cancellation or no-show. If you are selected to be an Alternate you will be notified and receive instructions via email.

Q - Will callbacks be scheduled?

A - There are no callbacks scheduled by Atlanta Performs as part of the Unified Auditions. Callbacks or other audition opportunities are up to the individual companies attending. Some companies, especially the out of town companies, may schedule a callback within days of the Unifieds. Some companies are looking for future shows and may call you anytime within the next 12 months (some actors have reported that they received a callback just days before the next year's Unified Auditions).  

Q - Will a Dance Call be scheduled?

A - There will be no Dance Call at the 2015 Unified Auditions.

Q - If I missed the application deadline, can I still be an alternate if someone cancels?

 A - No. Only applications received by the deadline will be considered for an audition or alternate slot.

Q - What happens if I am in performance/rehearsals, or scheduled to work at my daytime job in the morning? Can I request an afternoon/evening audition slot?

A - The Unified Auditions are daytime auditions generally running from approximately 10:00am until 5:00pm. There are no evening audition slots available. If you know you will be at work, a show or rehearsal during the Unifieds, first check with your employer/theatre company to see if there is any possibility to accommodate your anticipated audition schedule (Monday morning for Equity, Tuesday morning for Emerging Artists, Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon for Non-Equity). It is very likely they'll understand (theatres may be in attendance). 

Show/rehearsal conflict: If you still anticipate a conflict with your current performance schedule, you can submit a brief note with your application outlining your special circumstances (please include name of performance theatre company and availability). The Review Committee will take any reasonable request for working actors (those in daytime productions) into consideration when assigning audition slots. However, such requests cannot always be accommodated. The organizers reserve the right to verify any special requests before making considerations.

Daytime Work Conflict:  While some companies attending the auditions have only weekend or evening performances/rehearsals, many companies attending the auditions hold daytime shows and or rehearsals and expect actors to be available during weekday daytime hours if cast. If you are interested in working with these companies you need to demonstrate your availability for daytime shows/rehearsals by being available for daytime auditions. For anyone applying for the Unified Auditions, it is recommended that you plan to request the day off from work. However, a half-day may also work if you are living and or working within the greater Atlanta area. Generally actors need between 2-4 hours for these auditions which includes travel time, warm-up time and audition time. Letters of acceptance/rejection will be emailed at least 6 weeks before the audition days, allowing you plenty of time to arrange your schedule and request time off from work as needed.

Q - I am considering omitting my song because I have a lot of musical theatre credits already and many of the companies in town already know my work. Do you think this is a good idea?

A - Unless you are planning to shift your focus away from musical theatre all together, you should keep in mind that there are many theatres at the auditions (as well as many new casting/artistic directors) who have never seen your work before. Those theatres who have seen your work want to see you succeed, and they want you to have the best audition you can. In the past, many companies looking for musical theatre talent have expressed great disappointment when an actor (who they know sings) omitted the song.

Q - Can I sing first and then do my monologues? Can I sing without accompaniment? I play an instrument, can I accompany myself? Can I bring a taped accompaniment?

A - You may choose to sing before or after your monologues. No a cappella, taped or self-accompaniment is permitted. A piano accompanist is provided. Standard length for singing is 16-20 bars. 

Q - Can I still do two monologues if I am also singing? Can I use my time only to sing?

A - You cannot omit the monologue portion of the audition, but it remains your choice of how much time to allocate between acting and singing. However, keep in mind companies want to see contrast in order to see the full scope of your talent.  

Q - When does my audition time begin? Should I introduce my monologues/song?

A - Once you walk into the audition room, you will be permitted a brief moment off the clock to speak with the accompanist (if applicable) and to introduce yourself (name and audition number only). The clock will start once you begin acting/singing. Please do not introduce the pieces you are performing.


Q - What happens if I go over time at the auditions?

A - In order to keep the auditions running smoothly and on time, once the buzzer sounds, you are expected to end your audition promptly (within a few words, no more than a sentence) and leave the stage to allow the next performer to begin. If you continue your audition beyond the buzzer, the time keeper will call time.  Your audition is allotted two minutes.

Q - I am concerned that the audition time isn't enough to do my audition. What if I need more time?

A - The Unified Auditions provide actors an adequate amount of time to complete their audition. Other unified audition models allow performers as little as 90 seconds to complete their audition. A good way to prepare for the Unifieds is to get a friend with a stopwatch to time you while you practice your audition, or consider either taking a workshop on auditioning or hiring an audition coach to help you prepare. 

Still have questions?

To submit a question not found on the Frequently Asked Questions page, email 
Unifieds2014@gmail.com. No phone calls, please. 

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